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wheel balancer?What causes wheel balance problems? How to deal with imbalance with wheel balancer?
Tire balance adjustment is maintenance work performed during tire reassembly, but many people do not understand its purpose and why they must understand it thoroughly.
Author:trainsway| 发布时间:2019-12-11

Tire balance adjustment is maintenance work performed during tire reassembly, but many people do not understand its purpose and why they must understand it thoroughly. The uneven wear of the tires is caused by the imbalance of the wheels. Failure to adjust the balance of the wheels will greatly affect the driver's comfort, because of the power swing of the steering wheel and body shake.We can adjust the wheel balance using a wheel balancer.

Wheel balance is the mass balance necessary to make the tire rotate uniformly. It is also called tire balance. Tire balance adjustment, even for new tires and tires, must be performed when the tires are reassembled. At first glance, the tires and wheels look like a perfect circle, but in fact it is due to slight deviations that cannot be seen in terms of size and weight, depending on manufacturing accuracy.

If the tire's center of gravity is unbalanced, the tire will not rotate smoothly with centrifugal force and vibration will occur. Therefore, a special balance measuring instrument is needed to check the condition, and if necessary, adjust the wheel balance by adding weight.

If the wheel balance is not appropriate, the steering wheel is easy to shake, the advantage will be worse, the body vibration will be stronger, and the ride comfort of the vehicle will be greatly affected.

Especially when driving on the highway, it is easy to feel the failure due to the wheel balance deviation. The center of gravity is not constant. When the wheel balance is not adopted, the impact on the vehicle body will be further increased due to the high-speed rotation of the tire.

Of course, the balance is not adjusted, the stability is low, and the riding comfort is poor, but of course, the extra exercise increases, the fuel consumption becomes worse, the tire becomes uneven (stubborn), and the life becomes shorter. In addition, suspensions that mitigate bearing and road impact, such as damage to surrounding parts of tires, will also increase. In addition, there are problems in that it is impossible to concentrate on driving due to large vibrations, and fatigue increases.

If an accident occurs on a highway, it will be a major accident and very dangerous. It is difficult to feel when traveling in urban areas, but you need to be careful when you feel the body vibration when driving.

Causes wheel balance problems

First, there are several reasons for problems with car wheel balance.
Wheel deformation,
Wheel deterioration / dirt,
Balance weight is removed,
Tires are unevenly worn.
If you place the wheel on a curb or the like, it can cause the wheel to deform and cause problems with wheel balance. Similarly, if the wheels are dirty or rusted, the wheel balance may be damaged. In addition, the wheel balance needs to be adjusted even if the counterweight is removed or the tires are worn unevenly.

How to adjust wheel balance?
Wheel balance adjustment is done using a device called a wheel balancer (tire balancer).

wheel balancer

Rotate the tires at high speed with a tire balancer to diagnose the imbalance value, and adjust the weight by installing a weight called balance weight. After installing the counterweight, we use the balancer to measure the unbalance value as the final confirmation. When the standard is reached, the adjustment is completed.

Various types of weights are used for wheel balance adjustment.

Mainstream of balancer type and paste type
The balance weight for wheel balance adjustment includes driving type and stick type. The driven tire is installed and connected to the junction of the tire and the wheel, called a flange. A feature of the drive type that bites into the flange portion is that it is difficult to remove easily.

Adhesive type weights have adhesive tape on the back side, and they are applied to the inside of the wheel and used. I don't want to scratch the wheels, it is recommended when you want to look perfect. In addition, although traditional silver is the mainstream, balanced weights correspond to dark circles. In recent years, the weight of black has also been enhanced. It is also possible to add inconspicuous weight to similar colors.