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The tire balancing machine solves the problem of automobile wheel imbalance.
What happens to a vehicle traveling at high speed if the wheels are unbalanced at this time?
Author:trainsway| 发布时间:2019-12-21

The tire balancing machine solves the problem of automobile wheel imbalance.What happens to a vehicle traveling at high speed if the wheels are unbalanced at this time? The horizontal and direction of tire imbalance forces and the vertical component force are constantly changing. Vertical separation will cause the vehicle to generate vibration and noise, affect the driver's comfort, and make the driver easily fatigued, resulting in drowsiness and traffic failure. For the steering wheel, the magnitude and direction of the horizontal component force changes the torque produced by the center of the kingpin. The torque and direction also change, causing the steering wheel to swing, affecting the car's driving stability, straight-line driving and driving safety, increasing the wear of tires and steering system components, and shortening its service life.

Tire balancing machine
When a car wheel using a tire balancing machine rotates at a high speed, a dynamic imbalance occurs, which causes problems such as wheel shaking and steering wheel vibration during the running of the vehicle. Dynamic imbalance causes the wheel to sway, which causes wavy wear on the wheel. Static imbalance can cause bumps and bounces, and regular use can cause flat spots on tires. Therefore, regular use of the tire dynamic balancer to monitor the balance can not only prolong the service life of the tires, but also improve the stability of the car while driving, and avoid traffic accidents caused by high-speed tire swings. The following briefly summarizes the effects of several wheel imbalances.

  1. Speed ​​up the wear of axles and bearings.
  2. Accelerates wear of suspension and steering system components.
  3. Have a certain impact on the life of the wheel bearing.
  4. The vibration of the steering wheel will cause the steering wheel to shake, which will affect the comfort of the driver.
  5. The tread will cause abnormal wear with the ground, and the excess amount will be eliminated in the way of large imbalance.
  6. The most important thing is that personal safety may be involved at high speeds, such as flat tires, uncontrolled directions, rollovers, etc.

In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to whether the new tire or the replacement tire is still used after the old tire, you need to use the tire dynamic balancing machine for the next dynamic balance. In short, as long as the recombination of the wheel hub and the tire requires the tire dynamic balancer to dynamically balance the tire.

Therefore, after changing the new tire or repairing the tire in the future, it is necessary to let the mechanic use the tire balancing machine to perform dynamic balancing. If he says that it is not necessary to use a tire dynamic balancing machine for the rear wheels, then he is just flickering you. Poor rear wheel balancing will still damage the tires, but you do n’t feel so obvious.